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The client wished to duplicate the look of 17th century Italian doors that were originally made with rod (wrought?) iron grates. The painted finish on the doors had alligated, or cracked, over time. It was decided to use paint to recreate the look of the doors. Solid panel doors were provided by the client. A primer and double base coat were applied. Next, a crackle top coat was applied and, after curing, sealed.

The grates were then laid out and painted on the doors and shadows were added, giving the grates increased dimensionality. A final paint finish was applied to the grates and door sides to give a hammered iron look.

This project was initially a finish paint job on walls, ceiling and trim on the client’s new sunroom addition. A tile floor had been laid in the sunroom, and metal grates were installed by the HVAC contractor over the floor ductwork. The client wanted the grates to match the surrounding tiles.

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